welcome to my guestbook! i'd love it if you signed <3


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11:29pm 07-14-2021
You have such a cute webby!! *rawr* ♥

12:59pm 04-16-2021
swaggy !
7:44pm 04-11-2021
Hello there! I love the minimalist cuteness of your website. Also those quickie html tutorials are very helpful! Thank you for those~


Justfluffingaround @neocities.org Come say hi
8:32am 03-26-2021
awhh what a cute site!! luvv <3
7:41pm 03-02-2021
i love the look of your site!! esp the font...im a sucker for pixel fonts
2:55pm 02-18-2021
cute site!! i especially like the diary design, the astrology chart & fonts !!! so cozy & inspiring
6:45pm 02-01-2021
thank you for creating such a soft, cute website!! i love how sweet and delicate it looks~~ i also really love those fonts you've linked to. they're sooooo super adorable and i can't wait to find a place to use them on my own page!!! ^__+^ bless your heart <3 have a lovely day
6:21pm 01-31-2021
henrique (ayu-mi-x)
loved your site!!! super super cute, just put your button on my page! kisses <3
3:24pm 09-13-2020
middlepot ഒ
i have no words to describe how cute your site is.. i love everything about it, it's so nostalgic to look at those little pixel frills & ribbons ! ♡
my heart feels very warm, i will make sure to check your updates ୨୧
by the way, i linked your website on my own, you can check it here
10:00pm 06-11-2020
This is a cute webbie!! I just happened to stumble on it but it's so cute
8:43pm 05-12-2020
I love you Erin!!! Your site is super cute!!